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Early October 2016 first dusting of snow


No longer "Ancients" we are now Thollon's "Seniors"!

12th October 2016. It was quite a party in the Polyvalente last Sunday when the "oldies" in the village got together for the 2016 "Repas des Aines".This annual event was hosted by the Mayor of Thollon (Regis Bened) and members of the village. We had a lovely lunch and an equally lovely supper provided by the Hotel Bon Sejour. And,no doubt somewhat influenced by the copious amounts of wine that accompanied the meals party games and dancing continued till well into the late evening! A good time was obviously had by all! Appreciation and thanks as always to Regis and his fellow councilors. Thanks to RG for this contribution.


New business opening soon. The Tabac, next to the Boulangerie and Casino is to re-open later this month, Refurbishment or as they seem to say here "re-looking" is currently in hand . We understand that both a newsagent and cafe are planned

The new cafe is due to open on 29 September - St Michel's day - (which is also the name of the new owner of the cafe) Michelle has just recently moved to Thollon from the France Comte region. She has a background in the hotel and hospitality sector and we understand her new cafe will offer a range of patisserie, coffees, teas etc as well as breakfasts and lunches . Thollon.org would like to wish her success and hope that this new venture will benefit from the support of the English speaking community in the village."

chasse-en-coursHunting Season here in Thollon. The season begins 2nd Sunday in September and runs through to the 3rd Sunday in January. Signs have appeared at various "entry" points to the wooded areas around the village warning visitors/walkers that the hunters may be active- mornings and afternoons - on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season (except when there is snow on the ground) Let's hope that it's a short season and that the snow arrives early and stays

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Summer in Evian


Winter in Thollon


Ski2016 2 

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The old meets the new. The new telecabine with the old balcony and restaurant.



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