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This website has the objective of gathering and sharing information for English speaking visitors to Thollon les Memises. To help visitors, apartment and chalet owners, and those renting properties. It aims to give a wider view than other web sites. Information that a visitor for a week or two may require. Not just for Thollon Les Memises but also the area that can by visited in a days drive.

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Thollon News and blog

Thollon Live Telecabine WebCam

Historic winter web cam picture below.

web cam banner 2 2018 2

There is a new web cam giving views from the "Top" fantastic views


Historic Webcam 19th December 2019 

parchet web 3

We now have the use of a new web cam from the the Gondola in Thollon. 

Les Lanches web cam   Many thanks to Andy .

Check out Facebook Telecabine Thollon for regular updates and lift opening.

New additions are highlighted for regular visitors.

Telecabine Opens from 9 am to 17 pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in June. Please wear mask and social distance. Come with your own masks.  Updates and details see link above.

See notice boards for special offers of lunch and lift combined. Also offers of discounted lift passes and rates for the new ski season when purchased early at thollonlesmemises.com Resort/Hiver  New for winter 2019/20 combined pass with options, Thollon  Bernex and Abondance. When the resort can only open limited runs, a reduced rate is sometimes applied. There is now a site showing what runs are open. Plan Thollon Alpin.

Check out the Facebook  Telecabine  and Facebook UCAT  for latest and further information.         

 New  website opened November 2019 UCAT Thollon. Congratulations to the association of traders for this new initiative. Good links to the traders and on The Evian page with link to Bus Timetables for the Evian / Thollon shuttle.

Thanks 2020 w

Whats new is now highlighted for regular visitors to Thollon.org

June 2020 Thollon is now opening, some of the great news below.

Cafes and restaurants can now open. All venues must maintain a 1m gap between tables. Staff will wear masks and groups will be limited to 10 people. Customers will be required to wear masks while moving around, but can remove them at tables. Groups are still limited to a maximum of 10 people in public spaces. Parks and gardens are opening and beaches and lakes will re-open on June 2. Local authorities retain the right to impose mask-wearing as a precautionary measure.

XV reopen XV reopen tapas 2

Great news: Arnaud in XV bar is open on 5th June 2020 

Monday 8th June 2020 8pm Bar L'Ourson opens. Corinne is promising summer fun and games.

Bar ourson cover

Bellevue and Bon Sejour Hotels now  Open  Monday 8th June 2020

bellevue 2020 2      Bon sejour 2020

May 2020 The building of the new Telecabine Restaurant is well underway.

Latest photo 25th June 2020

rest demo 8

The Eagle's Den (Telecabine restaurant) offers a temporarily small snack menu while waiting for a more elaborate menu.


Rest demo 1 rest demo June rest demo june 2 eagle

rest demo june 7 rest demo june 6

See this great video of the work. Demolition Pics and video many thanks to MB, JB and SB

New pictures of the work June 2020 Thanks RG

rest demo June 1 rest demo june 2

Thollon in lockdown: One of our own has written an exellent blog to give us a feel of what its like to be in Thollon at this time.

The blog now has its own page. Letter from Thollon. This is an excellent read and a wonderful insight in to Thollon at this time.

We look forward to more reports. The latest blog is below.

This and earlier blogs are on the Letter from Thollon page.

With Thollon in lockdown one of our own is writing this excellent blog. Many thanks to LB

Like migrating birds you just knew that the visitors to Thollon would be back… and here they are, in their droves.

This is really the first weekend of the traditional French holidays and the car parks in Thollon are filling fast. There are plenty of day trippers, hiking boots and haversacks at the ready, forming orderly queues at the gondola. All curious to see how work is progressing on the new restaurant; well is the answer to that. The shutters and blinds of the chalets and apartments are being flung open and the sunshine is flooding in.

thollon june 20

Trade is slowly picking up in the restaurants and bars in Thollon, most people preferring to sit outside on the terraces and there is an audible sigh of relief from the small businesses here as life continues to return almost to its pre lockdown rhythm. The cinema has also reopened with a stirring biopic on Charles de Gaulle attracting an audience of 4, myself included, on the first night.

Down in Evian the story is much the same. The market is doing a lively trade every Tuesday and Friday. Pavement cafes and restaurants are busy, particularly at lunchtimes and the usual tourist attractions such as the boat trips, the swimming pool and the little train are continuing as normal.

There are varying degrees of COVID precautions being taken. Some shops insist on masks being worn and have hand sanitiser at the door which you must use. Others have a more ‘laissez-faire’ attitude not wanting to put off potential customers although they may limit the number of people inside. It’s OK not to wear a mask if you’re seated at a table in a restaurant or café but you need to put one on if going to the toilet or when walking in or out of the premises.

Apparently Switzerland is introducing compulsory mask wearing in all public places from next week, having experienced a spike in cases over the past few days. My advice would be to always have a mask in your pocket or bag as you’re likely to be refused entry to some places without it.

There are some intrepid Brits around but I think most have been waiting to see what the latest quarantine restrictions are, now that they appear to have been lifted for France, we’re expecting to see a lot more.

If you’re planning a trip down you won’t be disappointed. The weather is stunning, regularly in the high 20’s down by the lake. In Thollon there is still a refreshing gentle breeze but the skies are azure blue with hardly a cloud.

It’s hard for us to gauge what it’s actually been like in other countries over the past few months, but here, despite all the restrictions, there seems to have been little panic and there is now a clear determination to get back to near normal as quickly as possible. As they say in Italian ‘chi va piano, va sano, va lontano’. Fingers crossed.

If you’d like to see more of my photos of Thollon search for me on Instagram at

Tales from the Balcony

Thanks to LB


Thollon is a family resort and many visitors return every year to enjoy the great  welcome.

esf-Chris-Cora Cora Chris esf gold
Christine (ESF Thollon Secretary) presents a first badge to Cora age 4 and then Gold Award age 12 in February 2020.

Wednesdays  February Party 7pm in the Polyvante hosted by ESF, Ski Club, Fondue and music Mickael and accordion.

Fondue 2018 Fondue 2020 1

 "Horseing around"  Thursday 20th February 2020.

Horses in snow

Horses in snow 5 Horses in snow 3

Horses in snow 2  Horses in snow 4

Cinema - The 2020 English Language film season (VOST - Version Original French Subtitles) continues every Thursday  until the end of March. After a short break, it will resume again during the main summer holiday season. Please add your name and email address to the list at the cinema cash desk if you would like weekly updates on the films being shown


 Thollon Snow Park

The Thollon Snowpark association organises events on the theme of freestyle skiing/ snowboarding. The half pipe, landing balloon and water jump add some fun to Thollon.

Reggae Fever

Snowpark reggae 2 2 snowpark reggae 1 2

One of our own has a sneaky play.

snowpark michael


snowpark balloon snowpark 2019

Below January 2020 BBQ

 snowpark Jan 2020 2 snowpark Jan 2020

Carnaval in Evian see Evian page for photos from previous years.

Carnival Evian 2020

Annual Mayors report 19/01/2020

Mayor 2020

This is his last report before the local elections of 15/3/2020. Therefore he cannot speak about future projects as he may not be re-elected. (Apparently there is someone standing against him).

Thollon now has 817 residents, 355 permanently occupied homes and 1524 second residences. A Head of Station was appointed a year ago, Sebastian, and has been very successful. This year certain ‘works’ have been undertaken. including; renovation of the church, the water network has been improved, and of course the new snow canons.

The good news is all the preparatory work, building permits , finances, tenders etc,for the restaurant are now completed and work on the new restaurant (and ancillary buildings) will start in April this will entail the use of helicopters at first until the Lanches becomes usable for lorries. The money for the restaurant has been half financed by the state, the region and the dept. The village will finance the rest there will be no increase in taxes to do this. There will be a new skiing ‘Jardin d’infants’ on the other side of the restaurant from the present one this will have a covered ‘conveyor belt’.

The Xmas, New Year, early Jan period has been the most successful ever, (since the TF1 article the phone at the tourist office hasn’t t stopped ringing.) There was then a series of speeches by elected members from the Dept, the region and a Haute Savoie Senator Then free drinks and cake. Thanks to FB for attending and giving this report.

Driving in Geneva. Introduction of a new window sticker to categorise cars, similar to the Crit'Air (we believe also accepted) introduced from 15th January 2020. These will be used to restrict entry to Geneva for those older cars with the worst emissions. See Swissinfo.Ch Banning Dirty Cars  Get a sticker!  Geneva continues the anti polution measures reported on the WRS Radio website .....its being implemented.

 LEMAN Express

Care! There are strikes in France including rail services.  This is impacting on the LEMAN Service.
Update 29/01/2020 on the WRS Radio website   The strike appears to have finished but problems still remain a task force is set up to solve the issues of cancellations.
If you know or have used the service please share using the Contact page....Mixed reports, some success, some having to use the bus link when French drivers strike. When it works its great, one report late January 2020: It left Evian at 6.48, arrived Cornavin (Geneva main station) changed then arrived at the airport at 8.10. Report 10th February: Just tried out the new train service . Perfect journey, on time. However allow extra time if you are buying tickets at Evian and Cornavin. Ticket machine at Evian does not appear to accept UK registered credit cards and the ticket office closes for lunch. Also a 15 minute wait for a ticket at Cornavin. At the Airport it may be quicker? Report 18th February. Excellent service worked well. Thanks for updates and keep sending.

Leman Express

Great news. A new rail service from Geneva airport to Evian starts in December 2019. Thollon.org received the following information from Léman Express.

Since last Monday you will find our website www.lemanexpress.ch translated into English. There is plenty of documentation you could use to get the information you need.

Under the section “Plan Your journey” à “Timetables and Travel Info” you will find PDF time tables of the Léman Express Lines, feel free to download them https://www.lemanexpress.ch/en/downloads/timetables. 

Unfortunately due to the complexity of the pricing it is not possible to have a fixed price for the pricing, that is why we don’t have a pricing list. However, on lemanpass.com (only in French), you can find out how much your ticket and subscription will cost you, specific to a trip (https://lemanpass.com/tarifs/). · Finally, the start of the Léman Express is on the 15th December 2019, not on the 20th December. We hope to see you onboard our trains and wish you a nice day.

Do use our contact page to tell thollon.org of your experience. Thanks.

New snow cannon installation There are  65 or is it 74? new snow cannons. They will cover all the slopes which are visible from the restaurant. There does not appear to be any plans at the moment to do the "back run" the Via Casse. So the resort should be well and truly ready for this year's winter season, 2019/2020. Pictures below summer 2019 lots of activity in the car park and on the slopes. Lorries and a helicopter has been moving the materials.

new cannons 1 new cannons 2  canons 2019

Summer 2019. A review

Cinema. The weekly Summer English Film season. Every Thursday our Cinema had English films these were well attended and there was a great selection of films such as Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody. There will be a winter season starting in late December 2019.

Thanks to Ron and Sylvain for continuing to provide us with English language films.

Music and fun. Bars, fete, BBQ

Bar Ourson is worthy of an extra mention for the many fun evenings some with live music. Corrine has been popular with the British clientele and the annual get together of British musicians with the new band Jerry and his Pacemaker was in fine form. The outside area in front of the bar making for a great area to relax party and listen to music. Also new for 2019 was Arnaud offering excellent Tapas in his bar area in Le XV making for a relaxed drink and food sitting on the sofa's. The bars Saint Nicolas and Choumas continued to be popular and offered good hospitality. Many of us also braved the walk to visit the Hotels Bon Sejour and Bellevue, whose restaurants offered excellent fare.

ourson jerry Ourson Aug 19

Ourson Aug 19 2   Le XV tapas 1

The annual fete was held in August, two nights of party which was well supported by the Thollon.org crowd. There were also music events held outside the Tourist Office, by the car park.

fete2019 1 fete2019 3

fete2019 2

The site at the aerial Hucel which has a wonderful view over the lake was the venue for an inpromptu byo BBQ. A group of locals and Brits enjoyed food and wine as the sunset. The steep and dark climb down from the site was interesting.

hucel panorama w

bbq hucel w

Basecamp Thollon fitness

Base camp 

Joe Brady offered excellent well attended fitness training throughout the whole of August, held on the football pitch in Thollon

Priory Meillerie

A visit was organised to visit the Priory of the Meillerie www.meillerie-prieure.com.  Many of us use the road and pass close by to this Priory. The visit was excellent for a number of reasons, the views are fantastic especially from the graveyard above. The history of the priory and its role in commanding the area and its links to Thollon were fascinating. The talk by Sidonie Bochaton (local archeologist, historian, and writer) was excellent as it gave a wider view and helped many of us understand the local history of the Haute Savoie. The web site is excellent and if you are considering a walk around is to be recommended to set the scene. Thanks to AS for organising

StGpriory 3 

StGpriory 2  Priory 2019

The Lake

Many of the Thollon group have boats on the lake and enjoyed a great summer of boating. The lake provided its usual mirror calm surface ideal for motor boats. The usual venues of Grand Rive “Nathalies” and new this year L’OXXY Beach providing refreshment.

lake Aug 2019 Loxxy Aug 2019 1

Annual Football Match

On Saturday 8th June at 3pm the annual football match was played on a lovely sunny day.

Result: England 8, France 7 yes we won!

As usual the band, ceremony and football of a standard only seen once a year. A great celebration.

Football 2019 4 Thollon football cups

thollon football 2019

Pink Pub to Pegasus Bridge

Pink Pub badge

This site celebrates the link between many countries. We have a large British contingent. Several Bognor Regis members  supported a great forces charity by cycling from Bognor Regis to Pegasus Bridge to celebrate D-Day leaving on Wednesday 5 May 2019. Have a look at the Facebook page. Pinkpub2PegasusBridge They have raised over £120,000....Great job guys. 

pink pub bikes w

They made it! Well done guys!

PINK pub pegasus w  Pegasus Alastair

Bolton Celebration

Thollon friends stretch wide across the world. On the 11 May a group of around 30 Thollon friends came from various parts of Europe to visit Bolton to help celebrate 30 years in business for a Thollon regular. Much drinking and great hospitality from Dave and Deb’s.

Bolton 2019

The Thollon official website thollonlesmemises.com has details of whats on.


Paddle boats Evian w


As we look forward to the new season lets remember the Winter 2018/19

The season closed with the UCAT Race and the water slide, and the British enthusiastically joining in the celebrations with this years theme of Peaky Blinders. Around 35 British visitors, and some Ex Pat residents joined in the fun.

Thollon.org entered a team of three generations photo below, 2 skiers and a snowboarder! A superb effort but no medals this year.

snowpark end March 19race march 19 2

Below the race winners Garage des Memises and the British "second place?" Team Meda Sport (Ketts Taira Andy) we understand that we might have translated "Les Perdants" incorrectly..... Great trophy, medals, cheese and chocolates were all appreciated as was the great atmosphere and the paella served for lunch. Thanks to the organisers and the many supporters for such a fun event. The race had a unique compulsory half way stop with a glass of wine or juice being consumed before continuing to the finish. 

race winners losers

Results correctly reported in the le dauphine below on the 3rd April 2019 together with a picture of the Peaky Blinder racers.

LeDaupine w

More pictures and video below

Peaky top

Peaky gents

Peaky ladies 1

Peaky on the slopes PeakyYouTube video

Romantic Thollon

Ross nicola

We all love the view from the top of the mountain, and what better place to propose marriage.

Regular visitor Ross proposed, and Nicola said yes.

The British half term, Monday 18th February 2019 brought many visitors to Thollon. A great sunny week with fun had by all.

 snowpark 2019cones slope 2019

cones gendarmes 2019

The Tourist Office will be running many events during the holiday season. Thollon les Mémises Tourisme  Facebook publishes details. The "Agenda of the week" Programme d'animations. Torch light descent, table tennis. Karaoke and much more.



Great news, Thollon and Bernex have signed an agreement making available a ski pass for both resorts for the 2017/18 Season The season pass is for both resorts and 3 visits to the Bernex Ice rink. There is a also a new web site Les Montagnes D’ Evian promoting the joint venture, and the various options. The pass is available to buy on line. We look forward to further initiatives.

thollon bernex signLes Montagnes DEvian w 2


A picture reminder of last Winters fun

race 3wrace 14wrace6w

race14wrace18race 18

piste March 2018 1piste March 2018 2piste March 2018 3


 Polyvante Fondue Party wFondue 2018


Torch run w

stormdec17 1



evian tele1evian telec 2stormdec17 2


More on our News and Blog page 




Ski2016 2

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memises_snow_road_view          church_thollon_night


newtelecabines2          Memises2016


Map of suggested visits and Ski resorts


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