Verbier:  1500-3300m International ski resort, just over an hour away.

 66CHF for a day in 2009 

One of Europe's 'brand name' resorts, Verbier combines Alpine high-society chic with a serious mountain with skiing for everybody.Verbier has managed to retain a lot of its indigenous character in the face of almost continual development - it is still a beautiful town. An almost bewildering versatility of terrain continues to be Verbier's main draw, With four valleys to choose from, endless skiing options and a nightlife scene almost as famous as the powder, Verbier's fame is well deserved.

You don’t have to drive all the way to Verbier, there is an excellent car park and gondola in the valley below Verbier, which saves about 20 mins+ on the journey. Here you can park for free (2009!) and take a gondola  up to Verbier town, or continue right up to the top of the mountain. There are several ski areas, some are accessible by the regular bus service that runs round the town.