Thollon Les Memises

The Sherpa in Thollon Les Memises (station) is at the end of  the large car park, the telecabine end.Essentially a convenience store and as such is a little pricier than the others but is very useful if you have run out of the basics such as bread or milk as it is often open when the other stores are closed. Good selection of most foodstuff includes a small bakery for fresh bread.


Supermarket Casino You passed the Casino on the way up the mountain in Le Nouy. 

Casino-thollon-web Casino

The Boulongerie  next door to Casino has closed and is presently for sale. There is a large boulongerie in St Paul.

The nearest cash machine is in St Paul.

Boulongerie-thollon-web closed and for sale.

Shopping in the area

St Paul The next village south of the Thollon commune, from Thollon you need to turn left on the way down the hill that leads towards Evian.In St Paul there is another supermarket (similar to the Casino in Thollon), a chemist, butcher, post office and bank, Credit Agricole, which has a cash machine.The Boulongerie is just off the main square, near the church, where in season there is a good Sunday morning Market with fresh fruit and vegateables, cheese and local products. There is often live music on the bandstand.

casinostpaul Casino at St Paul

Vinzier: Super U Probably the nearest large supermarket being a short drive beyond St Paul. (15 mins) towards Abondance Valley . Good selection of groceries, provisions, and wines along with clothes, household and motoring goods. They have a café/bar and a fuel station

Intermarché Large supermarket at Lugrin, (18 mins) it’s in from the lake, just outside of the town, Geneva side. It also has a petrol station. Drive down towards Evian but turn right off the left hand hairpin bend towards Lugrin. Drive through the Lugrin village and you will find Intermarché on the left. Usual groceries and provisions stocked, and a Petrol station.

 Very large Cora supermarket/shopping mall at Amphion Les Bains (20 mins) (just on the Geneva side of the town), on the main lake road from Evian. Situated on a retail estate about 5 minutes out of Evian, direction Thonon. Filter right straight into the car park in front of Cora. This is a much larger store where you can buy pretty well all you are likely to need during your stay as there are also many individual shop units within the precincts. A Decathlon (large sports store) is on the same site. There is an excellent cafe by the main Cora entrance.

Huge Carrefour supermarket/shopping mall at the Geneva end of the Thonon Les Bains by pass (25 mins) . Quickest route is via Publier then take the Thonon bypass, direction Geneva and turn off at the Margencel sign. This brings you directly into the retail park where you turn left and left again into the Carrefour car park at the far end. This is the largest shopping complex in the region with cafés, coffee bars, fashion and jewellery shops within. Excellent self service restaurant at the far left hand side of the Carrefour.

Shops close on Sundays, and some on Monday. Although the supermarkets in Thollon Les Memises opens on Sunday, but long lunch taken 1-3? Times vary!!