Geneva: Quays, lakeside promenades, parks, elegant stores and lively streets and alleyways in the Old Town. The City is rather fragmented from a tourist point of view. Where the Rhone exits the lake is a good place to start with views of the flume (the Jet d'eau) and also the famous flower clock, walk to the Old Town. The UN building and Red Cross museum is on the other side of the city.

A busy international town. The promenade at the end of the lake is a horse shoe shape and goes around the famous water flume with lots going on, paddle steamers and boats criss crossing this narrow end of the lake (known as the Petit Lake) where the Rhone exits Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and heads towards the mediteranean. The city can get very congested so park the car as soon as you can and walk.

For good views of the  city, take a one or two hour boat cruise around the lake.

In the Old Town, the Place du Bourg-de-Fourr has a lovely 18th century flowered fountain.

The United Nations Building and Red Cross Museum – Take a tour of the European Headquarters of the United Nations followed  by a visit to the Red Cross Museum across the street. There are many sculptures in the grounds in between including the “Broken Chair” monument to land mine victims at Place des Nations.